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Absolutely NOT!! First and foremost, no one has implied that all areas of training have to be extensive and expensive. What must be all-encompassing, however, is the evaluation of skill level in these areas. First, determine the level of standardized skill required (such as 90th - 95th percentile success) in a pre-designed set of assessments; this way, the coder would only need to remediate areas where his/her proficiency may be lacking. Those skills that the coder currently maintains at a high level would need no further repetition. One critical link is recognizing that the coders are adult learners and the material must be designed (either for skill evaluation or training) with adult needs in mind while recognizing that most coders work at minimum a 40 hours/week and have obligations outside work.

Our profession was very fortunate when a group of health information administrators and technicians were selected from inception in the design and development of ICD-10-CM and PCS. Their trials and tribulations along their journey paved the way for our successes. As a profession, we strive for data quality being job#1, and nationwide standardized diagnosis and procedure coding can only be accomplished if all coders have similar skill sets. When taking this into consideration, we must recognize that many of our current coders have been out of mainstream education for greater than 5-15 years and have focused their educational efforts around yearly continuing education units for an outdated ICD-9-CM classification system.

Take a look at each of the two new ICD-10 coding classification systems. Both are so advanced and so exact in their code design and definition that we will have more clarity to become more standardized. This, however, can only be accomplished by understanding the medical sciences surrounding each of the ICD-10 coding systems and being able to apply this knowledge into the correct coding structures and functions as defined by our medical documentation.

In the next blog, we will discuss coder training needs for the two coding and classification systems. Remember, we are not to far away for the ICD-10-CM and PCS go-live date of October 1, 2014.

What can In Record Time do for you now, individually or for your organization, to ease the stress associated with your ICD-10 preparation? We can provide you with an ICD-10 training solution and/or the remote coding support that you need during this time! Contact us today!

A needs assessment must be developed very early on in the process of developing the ICD-10 program.  Because so many players inside and outside of HIM/Coding will be affected by the need for these new codes, a department-wide and individually-specific needs assessment must be developed.  This assessment will give the individual an opportunity to perform a self-assessment of his current education and subsequent skills in anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and coding along with specific needs for any ICD-10 data.  The departmental needs assessment will give the department director an opportunity to assess the needs of their department’s data needs prior to implementation.  Collection and correlation of data is key in determining how the hospital moves forward in their planning stage.

Contact us today to find out how In Record Time can assist your HIM Department with preparation for ICD-10 CM and PCS!

The first step in preparing for hospital-wide training for ICD-10-CM/PCS is the development of a comprehensive hospital-physician-coder management Committee.  The Committee’s purpose is to define its implementation objectives, set time tables to meet objectives, and to serve as the administrative umbrella for all ICD-10-CM/PCS management related issues.  Members of this Committee should include key medical staff, hospital administration, information technology, nursing, quality assessment, HIM, coding, case management, and patient access to name a few.

Contact us today to find out how In Record Time can assist your HIM Department with preparation for ICD-10 CM and PCS!

Healthcare facilities and physician practices are mandated to comply with the adoption of ICD -10-CM for diagnosis coding and ICD-10- PCS for hospital inpatient procedure coding on October 1, 2014.   ICD-10 coding will provide for an overall greater level of specificity with its 7 alphanumeric characters replacing the current ICD-9 code set.  This change in coding convention will result in an increase from approximately 17,000 codes to around 140,000 codes.  Accordingly, HIM medical record coders (and additional hospital staff) will require a more in-depth understanding of anatomy and pathophysiology in conjunction with a solid understanding of the ICD-10 CM and PCS coding rules.

It is estimated that coder productivity may decline by as much as 50%.  In addition, HIM coders must go through extensive training in preparation for ICD-10.  Does your HIM Department have a plan in place in order to stay current with your coding and revenue flow during the ICD-10 transition? 

Partnering with In Record Time will provide you with the peace of mind!  We will customize an ICD-10 remote coding solution to meet your specific needs!

  • Our remote coding and compliance team includes AHIMA Approved ICD-10 CM/PCS Instructors
  • Flexible and cost-effective remote coding services to provide coding coverage while your coding staff attends ICD-10 training sessions.
  • Our remote coding staff will provide dual coding on ICD-9 and ICD-10 during the transition phase to ICD-10 (and thereafter as needed)
  • High quality, accurate remote coding, and no project is too big or small!

Quite simply, your department can not afford lost reimbursements and backlogs – our expert remote coding and compliance team is here to alleviate this stress.  Contact us today for a free quote! 

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